How can you use the framework?

Our Quality Framework can be used in program evaluation and identifying priority areas for improvement in your local setting through the following suggested steps:

  1. Select a Domain(s) and specific Dimension(s) outlined in the Quality Framework. For example, you may select 1 to 3 Dimensions across 1 to 3 Domains depending on your quality improvement plan and timeline.
  2. Consider how these dimensions could be transformed into quality measures that are relevant and applicable to your identified target population and/or organizational processes. For example, what aspects of your Collaborative Care service are you trying to improve? Is it structural? Procedural? Outcome-oriented?
  3. Implement the measure through a process of data and information gathering, for example, using electronic databases and records, and from different stakeholder perspectives (e.g. clients, staff, collaborators, etc.).
  4. Apply the results from your quality measurement exercise until sustained improvement is achieved.

This Quality Framework is designed to be broad enough to be relevant to a diverse population of people experiencing mental health challenges and addictions across Canada. The Domains and Dimensions listed are also meant to be applicable to a variety of primary care settings, including Family Health Teams, Community Health Centers, nurse practitioner-led clinics, and other settings that offer Collaborative Care services. We invite groups  interested in measurement and evaluation to approach the Quality Framework with specificity to ensure its effective application to target population, infrastructural, organizational, and procedural outcomes.