Journal Articles

Sunderji, N., Ion, A., Ghavam-Rassoul, A., and Abate, A. (2017) Evaluating the implementation of integrated mental health care: A systematic review to guide the development of quality measures. Psychiatric Services, 68(9), 891-898. Available here

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technical reports

Sunderji N, Ghavam-Rassoul A, Ion A, et al. (2016). Driving improvements in the implementation of collaborative mental health care: A quality framework to guide measurement, improvement and research. Toronto, Canada. Available here.  

letters / editorials

Sunderji, N., Ion, A., Lin, E., Ghavam-Rassoul, A., & Jansz, G. (2018). Participatory approaches to evaluating integrated care: the vital role for client inclusion and participation. BMJ Quality & Safety, 27(1), 90-91. Available here.